What's new in Service Pack 1 Update 2 for VPN-Q 2009?

Service Pack 1 Update 2 Fixes

  • Correct delay experienced on some PC's during the screen saver check when using SP1 Update 1.

Service Pack 1 Update 1 Fixes

  • Improved Anti-Virus detection algorithm to improve detection of some AV vendors, e.g. Symantec.
  • Correct issue where the 2nd Wednesday of a month is before the 2nd Tuesday of the month. In this case 3rd Wednesday is chosen.
  • Correct issue detecting secure screen saver settings when the local user account has a blank password.

Service Pack 1 Update 1 includes various fixes and new features based on customer feedback. In order to benefit from all the new features in SP1 the server installation must be upgraded and a new client setup package must be created and distributed.

Service Pack 1 Fixes / Updates

  • Correct issues controlling the "Winfrasoft VPN-Q 2009 Management Service" from VPN-Q 2009 Server Manager.
  • Windows Vista SP2 correctly detected.

Service Pack 1 Enhancements

  • Full Windows 7 Support including policy control.
  • Updated Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall detection algorithm to improve detection on Vista SP1 and higher.
  • Updated OS detection algorithm to better cater for future Windows Service Pack releases.
  • Built in demonstration mode.
  • OEM / Appliance ready.
  • French language support added to VPN client.

Auto-update: VPN-Q includes an auto-update engine that will update the client component automatically - provided that this feature has not been disabled in Enterprise Edition.


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