How to obtain a machine hardware GUID from a PC for creating an AD managed computer account

When creating an a computer account in Active Directory for use with VPN group restrictions you need to specify the hardware GUID of the computer. Obtaining the hardware GUID from a PC BIOS can be difficult and sometimes isn't displayed.

Resolution: Winfrasoft have made available a free tool called GetGUID which retrieves the computer name and machine GUID for you while Windows is running. This makes it easy for a user to retrieve the GUID and send it to the administrator.

Click here to download Winfrasoft GetGUID (0.5Mb).

To run GetGUID simply extract the GetGUID.exe from the downloaded ZIP file and run it. The main screen will load showing the machine hardware GUID in the format required by Active Directory.

Tip: You can copy and paste the text from GetGUID for easy retrieval.

More information: Winfrasoft GetGUID requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


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