Which Network Adapter should be selected for your Winfrasoft Appliance Field Upgrade Kit on VMware ESXi?

When installing a Winfrasoft AuthCentral Field Upgrade Kit on a VMware Virtual Machine, the Virtual Machines require Network Adapters to be installed and configured.

Winfrasoft Forefront UAG 2010 and Forefront TMG 2010 appliances are built on Windows 2008 R2 operating systems. This operating system includes built-in drivers that automatically detect certain Network Adapters however some Network Adapters are not natively supported and require supplementary 3rd-party drivers.

In order for the Winfrasoft appliance builds to automatically detect the Virtual Machine’s Network Adapter, without the need for additional drivers to be installed, select the E1000 adapter type which emulates the Intel 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet NIC.

Drivers for Intel 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet NIC are natively found within Windows 2003 and above operating systems and will therefore be detected by the Winfrasoft Field Upgrade Kit appliance images.

For information on the available VMware ESXi Network Adapters, please refer to the following VMware Knowledge Base article:


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